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Octavian: Rise to Power is an historical novel meticulously based on historical fact. Fiction is used judiciously to turn the historical narrative into the reality it describes. The thirteen excerpts in the dropdown menus of this section provide some unique insights into the main characters and their relationships with one another. The excerpts on this page some special insights:

 Julius Caesar speaks his last words:
— When Marcus Brutus came at him, Caesar said, “You, too, my child?” He spoke no more. — 

Octavian is furious with Mark Antony;
— Octavian leaned forward and said in a voice that sounded more like a growl, “Let me make sure I heard this correctly. Antony actually had dinner with Cassius, at his house, on the very night of the assassination!”—

Cicero discusses Caesar with Octavian and others;
— “I don’t know that we could say that we were good friends because we were usually opposing each other on political matters, but even so, I’ll say that he was a good-natured and cordial man.” —

Octavian speaks out after the assassination:
—- Caesar wasn’t just my friend. He’s now my father. He wasn’t just my companion in arms. He was my commander in chief. And most important, he wasn’t a victim of war. He was the victim of godless butchery in the Senate. —-

  All 13 excerpts are available in a single eBook “The Excerpts” on Amazon.com for $3.99 USD.