Cicero – 44 BC

width=Octavian Chronicle #2
Cicero – 44 BC

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Servilia asked, “Cicero, what do you think now?”

Cicero was disgusted. “I just told you what I think. I just gave you my recommendations. Brutus and Cassius didn’t listen to me, but did you not at least hear what I said, Servilia?”

She looked at him and said nothing.

Now entirely frustrated, he went on, “You didn’t listen to me right after the assassination, and you’re not listening to me now. Yet you want me alone to go back to Rome even though it isn’t safe for me there.”

Servilia said, “Cassius and Brutus were involved in the assassination. You weren’t.”

Cicero pointed at Brutus and said, “No, I wasn’t, but when your son held up his dagger, still dripping with Caesar’s blood, and called out my  name in front of everyone as if he’d murdered Caesar for me, he involved me in a big way!”

He glared at Servilia and continued, “Look at all the mistakes you’ve made. Now you want me to risk my life because you didn’t kill Antony when you killed Caesar. You didn’t listen to me then when I told you to immediately call a Senate meeting after the assassination and follow this up with a meeting to talk with the people, but instead you foolishly decided that  you should wait to get Antony’s permission and—”

Servilia cut him off. “Well, really now, I’ve never heard any of this before!”

No one said a word. There was complete silence.

Cicero said nothing. He turned around and went back to his chair…..