Second Triumvirate

Octavian Chronicle #4
Second Triumvirate-43 BC

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“I’m glad it’s warm today,” said Octavian. “I don’t know if I could suffer a meeting with Antony in the cold.” He turned to Cornelius. “So, what’s the plan for today?”

“We’ll ride north with five legions until we reach the island called Reni in the Lavinius River. When we get there, our five legions will line up on one side of the river. Antony’s five legions will line up on the other. Then you’ll each approach the bridge.”

Later that day, Octavian walked across the bridge on his side. Antony and Lepidus did the same on the one from their side. A table and three chairs had been placed in a center spot on the island. As they approached each other, Antony said, “How are you, lad?”

“I’m well, Marcus.” They gripped each other’s arms and embraced. After Octavian shook hands with Lepidus, Antony made a gesture toward the seat at the head of the table. “There, lad, sit there. You’re the consul.” Then he took the seat to Octavian’s right, and Lepidus sat to his left.

It was late afternoon when the meeting ended. After he came back over the bridge, Octavian said to Cornelius, “The meeting will have to continue tomorrow.”

“I’ll go and tell the men. We’ll make camp nearby.”

“How did it go?” asked Agrippa.

“The way we thought. Antony, Lepidus, and I will form a triumvirate to rule for the next five years. We’ll use the law, the Lex Titia, to make it legal, and we’ll pick all the magistrates in advance, including the consuls.

“There’s going to be a proscription. We’re going to list our enemies and have them put to death early. Their wealth will be used to help finance the war. The point is that we can’t afford to have wealthy enemies, alive here in Italy, spending money to work against us while we’re off fighting a war in the East…..